We Are DreamWorks.

We are a mission-driven design agency created to help brands and non-profits grow sustainable businesses online with simplicity and strategy.


Our mission is to change the face and mindset of entrepreneurship, by creating solutions that shift the focus of today’s entrepreneurial leaders and cultivate resources that meet the needs of communities worldwide.

What We Do

We grow brands – and we get results. We create unique experiences that attract, engage and convert new customers to your business – pairing inventive creative with proven digital strategies to build brand campaigns that work.


From traditional to digital and everything in between.

Business Consulting

Brand Development

Web Development

Strategic Content Creation

Process Development

Systems Integration

Software Development

Strategic Partnerships

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Email Marketing


Video Production

Creative Direction

Digital Storytelling

Email Marketing

Meet The DreamWorks Team

We have curated a diverse team of creative professionals who, not only provide excellence customer service, but also believes in the brands we collaborate with.  Collectively, we work to accomplish one main goal – to successful work dream forward.

Nicole Hawthorne Profile

Nicole Hawthorne

Founder, Lead Business Strategist
Darrance Tezino

Darrance Tezino

Director, Managed Services
Adauria Scott

Adauria Scott

Graphic Designer
Desmun Dangerfield

Desmun Dangerfield

Videographer & Photographer
Ambrosia Alderete

Ambrosia Alderate

Social Marketing Intern